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Residential Protection in Transit

Can my possessions be stored?


Cousins USA Moving & Storage

/Stevens provides safe storage facilities for short- or long-term needs. You

are responsible for the storage charges, as well as warehouse handling and final delivery charges.

Do my appliances need special attention?

Yes. Most refrigerators, washers, dryers and other appliances require special servicing to assure safe

transportation. Any moving parts, such as motors or washer drums should be secured for shipment.

How should I move my jewelry and other valuables?

Cousins USA Moving & Storage/Stevens recommends

that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with

you, or check with your bank or post office for alternate methods of transporting valuables. All items that

Stevens transports should be recorded on your inventory, this clearly establishes that the items are included

in your shipment and extends Stevens’ liability for the items. A separate high value inventory should be used

for items in excess of $100 per pound.

Can I pack my china, glass and crystal?

Yes you can, but most people prefer to have their household possessions, especially fragile items, packed by

Cousins USA Moving & Storage/Stevens’ professionals. If you decide to

pack those items yourself

, use the

proper materials

and remember the basics of good packing.

Can I pack my clothes in chests and dresser drawers?

Yes. Lightweight clothing such as sweaters, shirts, blouses and lingerie may be left in the drawers. Do not fill

the drawers with heavy items.

Do you have other suggestions on packing and moving?

Of course! Just visit our web site at

and look at the many helpful ideas under the

“Resources” tab, like a

moving checklist


packing tips

, and much more. Or, check out our

moving news



on the website

for useful tips.

Cousins USA Moving & Storage

/Stevens takes great pride in providing you with a

positive moving experience.

There is nothing more important than getting your personal belongings to their destination safely. Your

Cousins USA Moving & Storage

/Stevens representative will go over the details of your move with you and

make suggestions for assuring the safe arrival of your possessions. We do however, offer the following

options for

valuation coverage:

Full Value Coverage

This provides for repair, replacement or reimbursement (whichever is less) at today’s replacement cost. No

depreciation is applied. This coverage extends to pairs and sets. If Stevens cannot replace an exact duplicate

to match the other item(s) in a pair or set, we will replace the pair or set. Full Value Coverage must be

purchased at an amount which is at least equal to the shipment weight multiplied by $6 per pound or

$6,000, whichever is greater. For example, on a 10,000 pound shipment, you must declare a value of at least

$60,000. You can declare a higher value than the minimum and can purchase Full Value at a reduced cost by

choosing from various deductibles.

Basic Liability

This is the minimum coverage and is provided at no additional cost to you.

Cousins USA Moving &


/Stevens’ maximum liability is established by multiplying the weight of your goods by $0.60. Loss or

damage would be calculated on the basis of the weight of the article multiplied by $0.60. For example, if a

100-pound table is lost or damaged, Cousins USA Moving & Storage/Stevens’ maximum liability would be

$60. (100 lbs. x $0.60), the cost of repair or actual cash value, whichever is less.