5 Tips for Moving with Kids | Emotional Effects of Moving

5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving to a New Home with Kids

Moving with your kids or teens into a new home is an important time in your child’s life. It is crucial that you give them the attention and time they require during this eventful time. Your kids will be used to their old home and the school they used to attend, so it may take a lot of effort for them to cope with the adjustment. Moving to a new home is fun and exciting, and you can help make your kids feel at ease by making them think of it as a new adventure. Follow our 5 tips for moving with kids and teens before your next family move.

  1. Talk to Your Kids
  2. Talk to your kids about the move, and ask them how they feel about it. Gather the family together and calmly explain why you are planning to move, whether it be for a new job or a change of scenery. Make the opportunity sound like an adventure. You’re moving to make positive changes for you and your family, after all. This should be an enjoyable time for your whole family, so stress that to your kids and teens.

  3. Give Your Child Time
  4. Plan your move months in advance so the move goes smoothly and your kids have had time to process the situation. Make small steps and gradually ease your child into the moving process. Remember that it’s natural for kids to feel anxious about moving, so try not to hold them back from expressing their feelings. Allow them ample time to consider the move, and be sensitive to their thoughts and feelings along the way.

  5. Plan a Return Visit
  6. Surely there are people and places you and your children will miss in the neighborhood and town you used to live in. If your kids know that they’ll be visiting their friends and family often after they move, it might make it a little easier to part with their old home. Choose events or holidays that you can spend with your friends and family in your old hometown. You can choose events where you would normally spend time with them or explore new adventurous ideas. This way, your kids will have something to look forward to after the move.

  7. Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process
  8. Make a floorplan of each kid’s room. Show them room ideas and let them choose how they would like to decorate. Make your children part of the planning process for the other rooms in the house if they’re interested. Organize a garage sale and have your kids help set up. This way, they will feel involved in the decision making when it comes to getting rid of old items.

  9. Have a Going Away Party
  10. kids at a partySay goodbye to all your friends and family members before your move. Hosting a going away party is the perfect way to accomplish this because you have everyone in one place at one time. Spend time talking to each person and let the party last. Take lots and lots of photos to commemorate your friendships and bonds. You can also spend a day taking your kids to all their favorite places and say goodbye to each place. Invite your friends and family to come along. Lastly, say goodbye to your old home.