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Referral Program


As we go into our 25th year of operation, we plan to give back to those who have kept us going for this long. All sustainable businesses are held up by a network of loyal customers and raving referrals. These referrals are what make the difference during slow times and become the difference maker during busy times. Whether you have moved with us before, or worked with us in the past, ANYONE who refers Cousins USA will now receive for their referrals. It is our way of showing our appreciation to the wonderful people who make us who we are. Keep reading to learn how to give a referral and how you will be rewarded!

The Rewards

  • Refer a customer who receives an estimate over the phone and become eligible for a $25 gift card.
  • Refer a customer who receives an In-Home estimate and become eligible for a $50 gift card.
  • ALL booked referrals get doubled!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a phone estimate and an In-Home estimate?

A phone estimate is typically given to potential customers who don’t have many items to move, are downsizing, moving downstairs, or just have a smaller move in general. These moves are estimated by an hourly rate. On the other hand, In-Home estimates are given to potential customers who have a bigger, more complex moves. These moves are inventoried and given a guaranteed price. To read more about the different types of moves check out our Buyer’s Guide.

How will I know if they booked their move?

Once your referral books their move, someone from our marketing team will be reaching out to you via email, or with a phone call. This is when they will confirm your mailing address and send you your gift card.

For any questions about the program, or to refer a client, email: