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Moving Tips and Resources

If you’re moving to or from the Fort Lauderdale area or anywhere in South Florida, Cousins USA Moving & Storage is here to make your move easy and stress-free. Since 1996, we have been providing families and businesses with top-quality moves at affordable prices. We love what we do, and it’s important to us that we do everything in our power to ensure your move is successful. This means not only doing the heavy lifting for you, but also providing you with the resources you need to be on top of every aspect of your move. Moving is a big task, and it can be easy to forget things, so we’ve put all our resources in one place for you so you can reference them at any time.

The Resources We Provide for Your Move

You’ll find our resources range from moving necessities, to more detailed checklists of things you may not have thought of before. Whatever the case may be, we know you’ll find them helpful. If you know you’re going to be moving in the near future, but don’t know where to start, the moving company comparison sheet is a great first step. From there, you’ll want to keep our moving checklist and moving guide in hand. These tools will help you prepare in the upcoming weeks before your move, so nothing is overlooked. As your moving day gets closer, you’re going to want to check out our packing tips guide and list of questions we recommend asking your mover. And for the environmentally curious, you may want to check out our green initiatives, compiled for Cousins USA Moving & Storage and our partner Wheaton World Wide Moving.

Let Our Moving Team Do The Rest

Being informed is the first step to having a successful move, and the staff at Cousins USA Moving & Storage is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to accomplish that. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for, and by giving customers the knowledge and resources they need, along with the help from our expert staff, we’re confident your move day will run smoothly. If you have any questions about our moving services or resources in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact Cousins USA Moving & Storage at (954) 792-6650 or fill out our online estimate form for a free estimate.


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Did you know...?

Can I Store My Items During a Move?

Yes! Your moving company will be happy to take your items to off-site storage. To make storing your belongings easy, look for a full-service moving company that provides warehouse storage with climate-control and 24/7 surveillance.

With warehouse storage, your movers will pack up your items, load them up in their truck, store them in their warehouse, then deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. In fact, storage can be even easier with On-Demand Storage options.

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