Realty Executives Agents Partner with Cousins USA


Sensible Collaboration.  Extraordinary Benefits. Continuous Support.

That’s the relationship of Realty Executives and Cousins USA Moving & Storage.

As Realty Executives affiliates, working with Cousins USA Moving & Storage is a move toward ensuring your customers get a world-class moving experience.

Whether your customer’s move is local, out-of-state or international, the highly-trained and professional South Florida moving crews at Cousins USA Moving & Storage will work to deliver a customized package of moving services, designed to exceed the customer’s expectations. We’ve been serving South Florida’s moving and storage needs since 1996, and we have earned a reputation as one of South Florida’s most trusted names when it comes to getting the move done right; one time, every time. Like you, Cousins USA Moving & Storage is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, and will settle for nothing less than sterling service, while helping your customers save time and money. As an agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we can offer your customers the expertise and resources that only come from more than 110 years of experience in delivering world-class results on every move. As a Realty Executives affiliate, working with Cousins USA Moving & Storage will provide unmatched benefits for your customers.

Benefits of our relationship include:

  • Your customers will be “Preferred Customers”, and receive exclusive rates, discounted and free valuation.
  • Preferred pickup and delivery dates for your customer gives them a personalized, high-quality move plan.
  • Special short-term storage rates during staging while your customer sells their home.
  • Up-to-the-minute information about the move with SVL online tracking, including written confirmation of all arrangements, so your customers are not just in the know about services and costs, it’s documented and at their fingertips at Stevens’ Online System.
  • Certified, trained and tested, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines team packers and drivers make customer care and satisfaction a top priority.
  • Pre-move and post-move communication with your customer to ensure no detail of the move is left unchecked.
  • Professional wrapping of all of your customer’s furniture to prevent any damage or scraping of floors.
  • Stevens Home Protection Kit™ will keep your customer’s home or business in top condition throughout the move.
  • Assistance with move issues and claims procedures for your customer should they arise.
  • Co-branded marketing materials will support your sales effort.

Learn more about how we work together by calling a Cousins USA realty team specialist today at (954)-792-6650.



Did you know...?

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Simply put, a quote is an exact price for a job set by the contractor while an estimate is the contractor’s best guess as to how much it will cost, subject to change. A quote is set in stone, unless there is a variation to your contract, which would include extra work or a change in the scope of a job. There is no such thing as a binding estimate, your contractor can change the price for a variety of reasons.

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